Friday, January 1, 2010

So This is What 2010 Looks Like

To most people, watching a computer hard drive being formatted is tatamount to watching paint dry. To me, it is as thrilling as watching the latest blockbuster movie!
No, really...

Hard to explain except to say it's a technician thing. I love fixing computers. Have been doing it now for over 12 years and have had my technician license for 10 of those years. I guess that explains why I am spending New Years day fixing Hammond & Megans notebook. I have had it since Thanksgiving - Canadian Thanksgiving - and finally decided today was the day. Hence watching a computer format.
It has a virus. Multiple actually. Sure, I could have spent hours working to remove the program that installed said viruses but I know when to cut my losses. And this is definitely loss cutting time. Quick & dirty. Format then reinstall Wondows XP. Then set it up. Works in theory. Fingers crossed for working in practise to.

Today marks 5 weeks since I had my total knee replacement surgery. I started a blog post that morning while waiting for my operation. I include those thoughts here below.
We left early, as I said we would, because you just never know what the road out of the Valley to the East side of the Island will be like. Weather people were calling for -5. That could mean icy roads. Over the mountain - Arrowsmith - and through the woods - Cathedral Grove - can be sooo ugly this time of year. The road was clear, only slightly wet and we arrived at the hospital 45 minutes early. Of course. So here I sit, looking foolish in a too short hospital gown in the surgical daycare, waiting. For another 1 & 3/4 hours. More to come, sigh. AND IT IS WAY TOO HOT IN HERE! Oh and did I mention the silly booties and dorky hat? Out of surgery by 11am into room by noon, dozing waiting for Richard to come see me. I actually feel quite good. Way more alert @ this point then I was with last knee. Perhaps because I refused the nausea inducing narcotic painkillers this time. Hope I won't be sorry. Oh and just one problem... I have to share a room with men!!!! @&$"-/:;?! VIHA thinks it's quite fine to have coed rooms. NOT. I hate this.

Yup I really hated the coed rooms with no privacy. Bad enough using a commode chair with only women in the room. Try that with 2 men in the room & you seperated from them by only a short flimsy curtain!
Damn. Anyway, it's all behind me thank God.

My leg healed quickly. And I only have some residual pain where they cut through muscles & tendons etc. Yeah I know, not a pretty visual. What, too much information? Hey this time the leg didn't turn blue & purple from mid-thigh down. Just very swollen. Left foot looked like...well, picture a football with 5 cocktail sausages stuck on the tip were toes would be. Yup not a pretty visual either.
Then came physio, or as I refer to it, medieval torture. I continue to amaze them with my progress. Not bad for an old bat.

Did I mention the incision? No? No stitches. No staples. Surgical glue! Too cool. When my family doctor saw it he raved about it saying it was the best he had ever seen. So did physio therapists, husband Richard, and friend Bente. It should be great. Dr Sundby is a trauma surgeon who has helped out at numerous disasters around the word and has done several tours in Afghanistan. He goes back again soon bless him. I pray for his continued safety.

So all in all the first day of twenty ten, as I am referring to it, has been good. Hope yours was as well and will continue to be throughout the year.
What's that? The computer? Oh it's good. Got it back up & running quickly. Even have the wireless connected. Just have to finish up installing other drivers & it's good to go. A good beginning to a great year.

No, really.

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- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone