Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hope Springs...

It's still cold and we still have snow today. I keep hoping and praying I will wake up to +10, sunshine and rapidly melting snow. It doesn't happen. I have stopped checking the weather report on the Wetter Network as they rarely get it right. After all, what do you expect from a company that is thousands of miles away.

I am still in waiting. Waiting for my surgery that is scheduled for the 6th of February. I went to get bloodwork done last Friday only to discover that I was supposed to have done a 10 hour fast prior to it. Doctor never mentioned anything about fasting when he handed me the lab form, sigh. So, now I go tomorrow at the crack of dawn to avoid having a 2 hour wait in the tiny lab waiting room. Then Tuesday it is off to St. Joseph's in Comox to see the Pre-Admition nurse. Then Wednesday more tests and Thursday, if I am not too tired, up early to get my hair cut really, really short so I don't have to worry about it while I am recuperating. I still haven't been out to get groceries, so sometime this week will have to do that.


I know I had no control over getting sick last November and missing out on having my surgery then. Things happen for a reason and our very cold, very snowy weather was the reason. But, there is still that small part of me that says I would have been 2 months post surgery, all through with physio and back to driving and walking again if I hadn't gotten sick. I don't dwell on it. No point.

But still.

I have been browsing this years seed catalogues both online and those I could get through the mail. I see so many flowers and vegetables I want to try, but I have to be realistic. I don't have the space in the garden yard. Well, I do, but, what I mean is, I have the garden boat, lots and lots and lots of black pots, and the big stock waterer that Richard is going to put in the yard and fill with dirt for me, when it warms up. I have so many seeds already that need to be planted that it's silly to think about buying more. Yet, you know, I will buy some more. Just a few.

There are some really interesting flower seeds one can buy. I am amazed by the difference in price from catalogue to catalogue. And the number of seeds per packet for those prices. Take for instance Calendula, one of my favorite annuals. West Coast Seeds - a lower mainland BC company - has 120 seeds per gram and one gram costs $2.79 cdn. Lindenburg Seeds from Brandon, Manitoba, has 50 to 100 seeds per packet and a packet is $1.25 cdn. Vesey Seeds from PEI has 100 seeds for $1.95 cdn, while William Dam Seeds from Ontario sells them for $1.75 cdn for 100 to 200 seeds. And South of the border in Greenwood South Carolina, is Park Seeds - a favorite of mine - which sells them for 100 seeds for $1.45 US if you purchase it as a culinary herb seed (which in reality it is) or 50 seeds for $1.50 to $1.95 US for annual flowers, depending on variety.

Bear in mind, Calendula is exceedingly easy to grow, self-seeds in warmer climates, blooms and blooms and blooms, is cold tolerant, is good in salads or teas or in the bathwater. I use it to make a quick and easy healing salve that works good for cold sores if you are prone to them - thank goodness I am not. My point is, why such a variation in price and amount of seeds?

I did save some seeds over from last year. Dill, Calendula, Scarlet Runner Beans and other assorted dried beans from my Soup Mix I planted. Abutilon, also known as Flowering Maple. Poppy seeds. Coreopsis. Zinnias. I only hope they will germinate and grow. You know of course that I will be haunting the nursery departments at Walmart and Canadian Tire as soon as the spring plants come in for my petunias, pansies and geraniums. And I will be at Naesgaard's and Colyn's as soon as I can. Oh and in the late summer, Canadian Tire puts all it's remaining bedding plants on sale and I get such great deals. I mean, 25 cents a 4" pot. How can I resist!

Last fall, as we were moving as many of my plant pots into the back porch as we could, I accidentally broke
off a piece of a geranium. Anyone who grows geraniums on a regular basis knows that you can just stick the broken branch in a jar of water and it will root, thereby starting a new plant for you. This I did. I set it out in the pantry beside the window near the sink and every so often added fresh water to it. The geranium piece remained alive, even through all the bitter cold weather. Even though it was beside that very cold window.

Last week I happened to notice that the silly piece of geranium, had blossom buds coming. This week, behold...two of them have opened to show lovely white blossoms with red anthers on the end of the white stamens. In all this cold and snow, a promise of Spring.

I'll take it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day to Remember

Another sunny day today, but cold, as usual right now. Wetter Network is calling for +7. Riiiiggghht. Not gonna happen. Currently it is -2. Too much snow yet to warm up that high.

Last night I got a chance to use my webcam and talk to Hammond, Megan and Rylan in Sooke. That was just wonderful! What fun. Rylan is already webcam savvy and I got a big kick out of her. If she goes off camera for some reason, she says "One moment" then disappears. What a polite child she is. She sang me a song - her own creation - and showed me some of her dance moves she has learned in the dance class she attends. She told me about her day, asked where her Grandpa Richard was, and made a card with stickers on it. I really look forward to further sessions, and to seeing Gina on the webcam when she is at her father's house in Edmonton. That will be such a treat when I am recovering from my surgery.

Yes, I got a call last week and my surgery date is set for February 6th. I am not holding my breath, don't want to be disappointed again if there is another postponement. Tomorrow is doctor appointment day for my pre-op checkup. Then next week is an appointment with the pre-admission nurse up at St. Joseph's Hospital in Comox. I am keeping positive, and very much looking forward to being able to walk normally again, instead of weeble-ing all over the place. My surgeon has been in Afghanistan working for several months. Perhaps he has developed some new procedure; one can only hope. It's not a pleasant operation, but you are so drugged up you don't care. Oh, and did I mention that you are awake - as awake as a drugged person can be - during the Total Knee Replacement Surgery? Believe me, I would far rather be awake during this surgery than under a general anesthetic.

I took the dogs outside onto the crusty snow in the garden yard again today. Molly started bugging about 11:30 to go out. They love the sunshine and can't wait to get through the door tippy-toeing all over, but don't complain when I call them back in. These dogs love to eat green grass, looking like a flock of sheep grazing a field in the summer. They don't eat it because they have a tummy ache, they just like the taste of it, especially first thing in spring.

You have no idea how pitiful it is to watch them trying to find grass that isn't frozen to eat right now. There is one spot way over in the corner between the house and the shed that the sun hits and warms. There they found a tiny patch of thawed out grass to munch, jostling for position to find the best blades.

A flock of Robins joined us, landing in the Birch tree in the garden yard. They looked as cold as I felt. What can you feed them in the winter when it is that cold? They eat worms, and while I don't mind hanging up seed filled suet blocks for the other birds, I draw the line and purchasing live worms from the fishing store to supply the Robins. Sorry guys.

The best part of today was watching the Inauguration of President Barack Obama of the United States. That was truly an amazing event. Not only is he going to be good for the US, but I believe he will be good for Canada and the rest of the world as well. Good on ya, Mr. President! But boy, don't you think they were cold standing there in the frigid weather for so long?

This afternoon I made Cranberry Scones again. My ambition re-appeared for a short while, but my motivation is still AWOL. The Scones were yummy. I put some fresh grated orange zest in them and it really gave them zip. I think Scones are one of my favorite things to make and eat. They are quick and easy and nearly always turn out just perfect.

I long for the day when I am recovered from my surgery, the days are longer and much, much warmer, and I can pull my Outdoor Gas Oven back out into the yard to start cooking and baking again. Right now it sits on the deck looking cold and forlorn. I can identify.

If I hadn't got sick last November, my surgery would be 2 months behind me, as well as my Physio Therapy. I would be still walking with a cane, but well on my way to total recovery. Oh well, soon. Soon.

I really look forward to gardening this year.

And driving down to Sooke to see Hammond, Megan and Rylan.

And Kate in Sidney.

And walking normally again.

Yeah. Soon.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I've Got Sunshine....

...On A Foggy Day!

The sun is shining! Oh it is so good to see it finally, has been a long time, believe me. You can't help but feel a bit better when you see sunshine, even if there is still snow everywhere. The dogs have been bugging me to go outside all morning.

Mom! It sunny Mom. we go out mom?
come on mom, outside?
mom, mom, mom, mom
pleeze mom?

I take them out into the small pen, off the dog room at the back of the house, to let them get used to it gradually and control their access. And I nearly get knocked down in their rush through the patio door. Good Grief! Yes, I know it has been a while since they have been out, but gee, patience guys!

I was concerned about them wading through snow up to their furry little armpits. Silly me. The snow has a very hard crust on top of it which supports their weight as they walk, er, that is, RUN, around on it. Boy are they a happy bunch. I stand on the step - the very icy step - and don't move. Everyone else runs around leaving pee-mail everywhere for all the creatures interested in learning about how the Bichons have fared over this last 6 weeks of nasty weather. It doesn't take long though for the cold to seep into their paws and for them to ask to go back in the house.

Soon they are curled up by the fire in the kitchen, warming their toes and other, er, ah, extremities, exhausted after the excitement of the outdoors. I, too, am in the warm kitchen, trying to decide what to do with myself. The TV is tuned to CNN to get the reports on the run-up to the inauguration. I still haven't found my motivation and ambition so will have to force myself to do something. I think I hear Cranberry scones calling to me. Will let you know.

The Cranberry Scones are made and baked and PERFECT! Oh yum, are they good, just what I needed. Light, buttery and flavorful. I make the same recipe most of the time, one I adapted many, many years ago from a tiny Robin Hood Flour Cookbook. When my kids were very young - and bear in mind my daughter Gina turns 36 tomorrow - I found a coupon on the side of a bag of Robin Hood Flour to order a cookbook from the company for 25 or 50 cents, I can't remember exactly, plus postage. It had maybe 30 to 40 pages of recipes, for pancakes, waffles, scones, quickbreads etc. I LOVED that book, used it constantly, literally wore it out. It is tattered, badly ingredient-stained, pages disintegrating and illegible...yes, I still have it. Wish I had a good copy of it, so I could put all the recipes on computer, sigh. Anyway, it is the best scone recipe ever, and if you have the cookbook, let me know, I would love a photocopy of it.

The dogs gather round when I remove the Cranberry Scones from the oven, muzzles tossed back, sniffing the delicious aroma. They pace the room, waiting for them to cool. Silly puppies, they aren't getting any. I eat 3. Usually I divide the dough into 8 wedges but this time I decide to make them smaller and divide it into 12 wedges, so I am not quite a greedy pig.

It's time to try the garden yard on for size. The kids stand at the door quivering with excitement as I dress in jacket, hat and gloves, and shoot through the gate when I open it. The snow is crispy as they trot across it, heading for the far side of the garden boat. It has been weeks since they have been out here and they enjoy every second in the sun.

My vantage point on the deck is shaded, no sun here for me. Why don't I walk out to the boat with them, you ask? Well, aside from using a cane for the bad leg thingy, I don't have any winter boots. Why not? Because you usually don't need them out here. The closest thing most people have to winter boots is high top rubber boots, you know, the ones with the red strip around the top. And I don't even have those, opting instead to just wear my running shoes.

Time to herd them back inside.
With the exception of Mason and Rosie, they all tiptoe as quick as they can across the uneven, slippery landscape back to the house. Rosie just wanders about following her nose, and Mason...Mason just loves to stand in the sunshine on a bare patch of grass, down by the garden boat, watching for whatever he might see. I have to bribe them with the promise of cheese to get them to come in. Rosie will do almost anything for cheese. Now they are curled up by the fire again, having eaten their cheese treat, dozing, dreaming their doggy dreams.

Those photos at the top of the page, aren't snow photos, they are sunshine photos. Albeit, poorly taken. I only had my cell phone camera with me, not thinking to take my real camera out with me. Oh well, at least you can see the sun shining on the yard.

Of course, two sunny summer garden boat photos to remind me of warmer days.

And remember, if you see my motivation and ambition, send them home. Yes, it seems ambition sneaked off too. I really need them back.


Time to make dinner, Richard will be home from work at 5pm and I am making Chicken Cordon Bleu. No, no, nothing fancy, just heat and eat. Yup, it's premade, frozen raw, bought from the store, you put it in the oven and bake it yourself. Have leftover rice in the fridge to go with it and will cook some frozen peas and carrots.

Like I said, no ambition, no motivation.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Angels on Wingback

I can finally see that the snow is melting...very slowly. There are larger bare patches appearing under the trees, the driveway is bare, although muddy, and here and there around the yard you can see green grass. It still will be month end before it is all gone though. And no, the Wetter Network still hasn't got our day time temperatures right yet, sigh. For instance, today was supposed to be +7 and sunny. Yeah, right. Try cold, foggy and +1. As long as we have the snow, we won't be having the warm weather they keep forecasting. Oh, well. It's REALLY nasty elsewhere in the country, so I will settle for this foggy cold.

My motivation is still missing and no one has seen it yet. I still think it is on a sunny warm beach somewhere, drinking Mojitos and getting a great tan. I sure wish it would come home. Sometimes I think I see it, but it does not last long. I am still posting photo`s of warm weather, not snow and cold, just to remind myself the sun is out there somewhere and will return soon. Really it will.

The American Presidential Inauguration is next week, and I will be watching it. Will be a lovely spectacle, worth watching for it`s uniqueness. Well, after all, I am half American, on my father's side, coming from nearly 375 years of American Heritage.

If you notice the funny apostrophe's on this page, it is because suddenly my keyboard is using French Characters, really, really p*ssing me off, and I am not sure how to get my English Characters back. How annoying. When I tried to type one-half as a fraction, it came out like this: 1é2. I make a scrunchy face. Time to wrap this up and fix the keyboard. Update: fixed the problem. Don't know how for sure. Just shut down Flock Browser and restarted it and it was fixed.

I don't think there is anyone in the world right now who hasn't heard about the miracle that happened in New York yesterday. Really, I don't. So there is no need to recap the story that every news feed on TV, in print and on the net has been talking about non-stop. A miracle happened. It really did, and whether or not you believe in a God, or whether or not you believe in Angels, you have to believe that something - or someone - was at work yesterday helping that marvelous pilot put that plane down in the water as if it was an everyday routine. Yes, he is a former USAF fighter pilot. Yes, according to NBC Nightly News, the only thing he hasn't flown is the Space Shuttle. Yes, he has flown gliders and that more than likely assisted him with his water landing. But still...

...I flash on a host of Angels, wings unfurled and straining to keep the plane level and on a straight trajectory for the surface of the Hudson River. And I flash on Angels in the cockpit, one of them leaning over the Captain's chair, whispering in his ear, coaching him in his responses to the plane and helping him focus on the job at hand. I flash on another whispering to the 1st Officer and still others, whispering to the rest of the Flight Crew, keeping them calm and they in turn helping to keep the passengers calm.

And after the river landing, an Angel whispering to the Crew member to go to the front of the plane and open the door there, not to the door at the back of the plane which would have flooded the cabin with water.

One thing is crystal clear. Soon, in a revised copy of the Dictionary, if you look up the word
"Hero" you will see the following words:
See also:
Captain Chesley B. 'Sully' Sullenberger III.

'nough said.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bear Me No Mind

I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to post anymore photo's of snow. I lied. Get over it.

I am posting these because they mostly are about the bear and his attack on the garbage shed. Remember I said in my last Blog post:
And I flash on..., waking up in the night to the sound of the Cat starting up and an Island Black Bear going for a joy ride across the fields with the big yellow John Deer Crawler Tractor, churning up snow as he goes.

Well, Richard went out a couple of days ago to start up the Cat and scrape snow out of the driveway, only to find that that annoying little Island Black Bear had been back. "Hey," he hollered through the front door, "that bear was back and he was trying to figure out how to start up the Cat and move it away from the shed so he could get at the garbage again! There are tracks all around the Cat."

"Um hmm," I replied. "Didn't you read what I said in my Blog?"

"Nope," he replied, "haven't read it for a while." So I made him go in and read the post.

"Yeah," Richard responds, "that's what he was trying to do! Give me your camera, I'll go take photo's for you," he said and went back out to do just that. You can see his tracks in the photo's above, as well as the trail of garbage leading off towards the creek. The other photo's are just there to remind me what warm weather really looks like.

Richard scraped snow from the drive, then headed off in the Cat across the fields to the other side of the farm to clean the barn. When he hadn't returned by 5pm - having left at 1pm - I called his cell to check on him. He informed me he'd be home shortly, would probably be walking back. "Aren't you bringing the Cat home?" I asked. "No, I can walk," he stated. "But...what about the garbage shed? Don't you need to put the bucket of the Cat against the door to hold it shut?" I queried. "Oh," was his startled reply. "Um, yeah, I guess I do need to bring it home, don't I. I forgot."


Bente says that none of the bears in the Valley are sleeping as the food supply is still too good. There has been no garbage pickup in town and around the district for over 3 weeks because of all the snow, so the bears are foraging in it. Tough to store 3 weeks of garbage in your house, gak.

The snow has been so heavy and so deep that it has knocked down all my plum trees behind the house and on the edge of the field. I doubt if they will recover. Once the snow melts, we will go out and assess the damage. It has crushed the Wild Rose hedge and the Himalayan Blackberries are flat - although they will come back. The Quince bushes look really sick, and we had a lot of them. I have a feeling we will be losing some of them as well. These are trees and bushes that have been here for a long, long time, much longer than we have, and we've been here 20 years. It's a shame to lose them this way.

The plums were small, round greenish-gold orbs that were tart-sweet. They made a bilious looking jelly but boy did it taste good, and we loved to eat them out of hand. The Quince were big yellow globes that smelled like Pineapples, and made delicious pies and jellies. Quince were one thing the bears and birds left alone, because the are so astringent when raw. I know the Roses will come back quickly as will the Blackberries. The whole lot used to make it impossible to see the field. Now you could nearly walk right through them to it.

The snow is finally, albeit very slowly, starting to recede. I can see a bare patch here and there under trees in the garden yard and under the work tables out there. I feel sorry for the poor Robins trying desperately to find a worm that didn't freeze to death during the cold spell. They will eat the berries in the
Holly trees, but that can't be too nutritious. We hang suet blocks out for the birds, as I've said before, but Robins really aren't seed eaters.

The Wetter Network is calling for it to be warmer and sunny this week, rising to a high of +10 for Saturday. I don't believe them. They haven't been right yet so far this winter. Our temperature has not been over +4 yet, while they keep forecasting +7 or +8. Not happening. Fool me once......

I've lost my motivation, can't find it anywhere at all.
I think it went on vacation from the weather and forgot to tell me. Probably to the beach at Baja. Sitting there under an umbrella, shaded from the sun, sipping frosty Mojito's. Watching people from behind it's sunglasses, reading the latest Janet Evanovich novel...sigh. I have no ambition to do anything, have to force myself to do the things I enjoy, like baking bread or cooking. I need some sunshine.

So if you happen to be passing by on the beach at Baja, and notice my missing motivation, please send her back home. I need her back.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Man the Bearicade Redux

I have made up my mind that I will NOT take any more snow photos. None. I am soooooooo over snow. Really.

From now on, no matter what the weather I will only post summer photos; photos of things like blue skies, sunshine, green grass, blooming flowers. Yes, it is sticking my head in the sand, metaphorically speaking. Sooooo? My blog, I can do what I want with it. Harrumph.

Yes, I really, really, really am tired of winter and snow. And winter is only, what, 2 weeks old? I long for spring, and it's three months off. Time was, spring arrived here in February. I remember getting sunburned planting a peony - which failed to thrive - on a hot February day. Siiiiggghh.

Whine. Snivel.

Maybe it affects me badly because I can't get out of the house. Tough to walk in this knee deep snow when you have only one working leg. And when you don't own a pair of winter boots, or boots of any kind for that matter. Running shoes just don't cut in in this snow and ice. Weather report last night at 11pm said +6 and raining all day today. Woke up this morning to -1 and snowflakes as big as a toonie. Weather people lied. It snowed all day, heavily.

It's raining now, and they are calling for +6 tomorrow and rain. Riiiiggghht.

The other day Richard made a startling discovery when he came back from feeding the cows over at Ron's. He discovered that bears aren't hibernating yet, despite the snow and cold temperatures. How did he discover that, you ask? Remember back in the fall when we had a visit, one of many, from our resident Island Black Bear? Well, a few days ago, I mentioned to Richard that Bente's husband, Max, had seen a Black Bear down by his fish store, Codfather Seafood. And I commented that because the bears weren't hibernating yet, we would have to be careful as the bear would be after the garbage shed again.

"Yup," he said, "we will."

Friday in the early hours, the bear struck, and I do mean struck. I was in my room, watching the morning news and weather when Richard came through the door, mad as a hornet. "The bear was at the garbage last night!" he hollers. "He nearly knocked the shed right over, pulled the locked door open and dragged bags of garbage (- garbage that Richard hadn't been able to haul out to the dump because of the over 3 feet of snow in the yard -) alllllll over everywhere." This was punctuated by words that would curl the hair of a bald man "!@#$%^&*" he snarled.

Discretion is the better part of valor, or so the old saying goes. I stayed where I was, keeping a low profile, and never mentioned my words of three days ago. Cowardly? Oh yup, for sure. I know when to bite my tongue. Plenty of time for an "I told you so" in the months to come.

He goes back out doors and recovers and re-bags as much of the garbage as he can, puts it back into the shed, and closes the door. Then I see him walk down the driveway. Hmmmmm. Soon I hear the sound of the Cat starting up, and see it chugging back up the drive towards the shed. "Now, what is he going to do....?" I think to myself. "Is he going to use it to scoop up garbage?"

Then it hits me. Nope, he is going to put the bucket against the door of the shed to hold it closed so the bear can't get back in there again. And he does. I see him coming back towards the house when he is done, still cussing a blue streak. "I picked up as much of the garbage as I could get to," he states, "and I have moved the Cat so the bucket rests against the door of the shed, holding it tight shut. I'd like to see that S.O.B. get in there now," he says. "I'm going to get ready for work now." I have to admit, it's a clever idea, a clever way to hold the door shut and keep the bear out.

And I flash on..., waking up in the night to the sound of the Cat starting up and an Island Black Bear going for a joy ride across the fields with the big yellow John Deer Crawler Tractor, churning up snow as he goes.

I give a huge shudder. NOT a pretty thought.

Still...the least he could do is plow the driveway out on his joy ride. You know, as payment for spreading garbage everywhere.

I mean, really.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shadows of Summer

Happy New Year 2009! Hey, the days are getting longer again, and I am very much looking forward to Spring, believe me. This winter from hell on the Island has to end sometime, right? RIGHT?!! The time changes in a couple of months, and I am counting on warm weather. You hear me Mother Nature? I am COUNTING on warm weather.

It is snowy, gloomy, cold...well, you know what I'm talking about, it's everywhere right now. I went outside the back door to take some photo's of the snow damage the weather has done to our Plum, Quince, Saskatoon and Cherry bushes and nearly had a pair of Chickadees landing on my head. Gee but they are friendly little guys. Flew up to within a foot of me. I stood as still as possible, shivering because I didn't have my coat on, and tried to aim the camera at them without moving. The good news is, I got a couple of great shots of the inside of the overhang over the step. Finally managed a blurry one of the two little tykes sitting on the clothesline.

Then our resident Hairy Woodpecker landed on one of the uprights holding up the overhang and squawked at me. He flew over to the feeder and I managed to get some shots of him, albeit not very good ones, but you can at least identify that it is a Hairy Woodpecker. Even got one of a Towhee picking up seeds from under the feeder.

Just so no one forgets what warm weather looks like, I have re-posted some of my Summer Garden Boat photo's up above. I need that today. I need to look at bright, warm sunshine and beautiful flowers. Green grass and tree leaves. Not the weather report that says more snow and colder temperatures like the -8 forecast for tonight, sigh.

Enough about the weather. Really, enough.

I'm not baking anything today, although I am tempted. I mean really, how many loaves of Brioche does one truly need? I did find a recipe for Eggnog Bread I am going to try, and I still want to make a Pull-Apart (aka Monkey Bread) in my new breadmaker. Also want to make
breadmaker cheesecake. Found a recipe for mixing up the ingredients in the machine, then pressing pause partway through the bake cycle and putting the graham crust on top of the cheesecake, then finishing the bake cycle. That way, when you invert it out of the pan, your graham crust will be on the bottom. Clever idea in theory. In practice? Time will tell. Worth a try though.

I am considering making something with some of my frozen peaches. That is truly a taste of summer for me, a sweet and juicy peach. Hmmmmmm...maybe a Peach Crisp, that would be good. Served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, or perhaps a dollop of whipped cream. Yes, I think that is what it will be today, Peach Crisp. Can't you just taste it's sweet/tart flavor, with a hint of butter and cinnamon and that crisp topping? Oh Yum!

Or I could make an Apple Raspberry Crisp. Or a Peach Raspberry Crisp. Ohhhhh, how about a clean-out-the-freezer crisp? Blackberries, Raspberries, Peaches, Blueberries, Strawberries...I have Cherries and Plums too, but, not in this crisp, that's too over the top for a simple dessert like that. Ok, no, let's just go back to the plain old Peach Crisp. That's what I'll make.

Of course, there is always tomorrow. And the next day and the next. Raspberry Crisp. Then Blackberry Crisp. Then Strawberry Crisp and Blueberry Crisp. I know Cherry Crisp is delightful, and I am sure Plum Crisp would be too. Gosh, a week of Crisps. Well, no, um, gee that would be way more than a week of crisps, we certainly wouldn't be eating a Crisp a day. Ok so then, how about a Crisp a week, that works.

I'll let you know how it turns out. I can just taste it, sweet, tart, bubbly, buttery, cinnamony, crispy...

...yeah, I know.