Saturday, November 1, 2008

Can You Say in-floo-en-zah?

It's Saturday morning and I have awakened early...and with the flu. Aaaaggghh! Sore throat, stuffy nose, head hurts, body hurts, whine, snivel, moan, hack, hack. Yes, I AM feeling sorry for

I'd like to crawl back into bed and stay there, but that would be giving in, and I REFUSE to give in. Oh, and I don't like where we moved my bed to in the room. Even though Richard propped the head of the bed up so it is now level, my mind says it isn't. I ask him and he agrees to move it after work today. Sigh, boy do I appreciate that.

After he leaves I decide I am not up to my usual oatmeal porridge for breakfast, instead opening a can of No Name Brand Chicken Vegetable soup. I manage to get a cup of it down, picking out all the pieces of chicken because they are sooooooooo tough and feeding them to the kids. They think I am wonderful for sharing my soup with them.

I still want to make Brioche, even if I am sick. My mind can picture toasted pieces of Brioche bread slathered in peanut butter and a bit of honey. It takes me a while to get the energy up, but finally I search Google for an easy Brioche recipe, settling on one that looks just right. I guess you would call this one "Poor Man's Brioche" as it doesn't have all the butter and eggs you would normally find in a Rich Brioche. I have a whole computer folder full of Brioche recipes, Brioche being an obsession of mine, but just don't feel like thumbing through and looking for just the right recipe...hence the Google search.

Soon the dough is formed, in pans and on it's second rise on the table. As a special treat, I added the zest of a lemon to the wet ingredients. Now to make dinner for when Richard comes home. After all, if I am going to put him through the torture of rearranging the bedroom - AGAIN - the least I can do is feed him properly.

Early in the day while scrounging in the freezer for something to cook, I stumbled upon a couple of packages of frozen Tex/Mex sliced chicken breasts, designed to use in Fajitas. I decided on rice, chicken and veggies for supper, that appealed to me and was quick and easy as I already had cooked rice in the fridge. It and the chicken could be warmed in the microwave and I would cook some frozen veggies on the stove. What could be simpler.

My bread baked up beautifully. In fact, I could have divided it into 3 pans it had that much oven spring. Next time maybe a loaf of bread and the rest as filled rolls. I keep saying that and not doing it and the peach pie filling still sits in the cupboard.

Richard comes home for dinner, and I open the now thawed package of Tex/Mex chicken. Hmmmmm, smells rather spicy. Gee, Linda, do you think the words Tex/Mex should have been a clue? Don't pick on me, I have the flu! I quickly mix up some Apricot Mustard for the table, warning Richard that I might have screwed up and the chicken might be a little hot. He just shrugs his shoulders and fills his plate.

First bite. "Ahem," he clears his throat, "you are right, it IS a bit spicy" he comments "kind of clears the old sinuses." "Use the Apricot Mustard, it's sweetness will fool you into thinking it isn't so spicy" I reply. Note to self: for future reference, when TEX/MEX is written on food, it's code for hot and spicy!
It couldn't have been too spicy for him though, he went back for a second helping. Maybe he was just hungry.

Moving the furniture in the bedroom goes smoothly. Every thing just moves 90 degrees to the left. The only problem comes when we go to reconnect the TV and discover that the cable is too short and won't reach where I want the TV placed. I make a little scrunchy face, then go and search for more cable and a connector.

Cable was found right away, but all those connectors I purchased in the summer, when we switched TV's around all over the house, are MIA. Big Scrunchy Face. I know there are at least two of them left...somewhere. I search all the logical places, twice. Then Richard re-searches where I have been. No luck. I am beginning to panic now. It's not that I watch a lot of TV, but I have shows I like to watch and I am a news junkie - maybe you noticed. I have to know what is going on in my world, when to duck and cover.

Richard goes upstairs and rummages around. Can't find one. He suggests removing the one between two pieces of cable that connect the little TV in the kitchen. More scrunchy faces and a bit of fretting. Well, I DO have the flu and I AM feeling crappy after all, I am entitled to fretting.

We decide to search in illogical places, but have no luck. Just as I give up and say ok to removing the one for the kitchen TV, he has an AH HA moment, and scoots out to the back porch, rummaging in his stuff. Several minutes later, he returns with a 3 way splitter. It's a bit of over-kill but I don't care, as long as my TV works. And it does. I can stop fretting now, and relax.

At bedtime I make myself two slices of Brioche Toast. I have the setting on the toaster the same as I always have it. Note to self: Brioche bread will toast waaaaaaaaaay faster than regular bread due to the high butter/sugar/egg content. Lower setting considerably before toasting Brioche again.

It was a close one, but I did manage to save the toast.

I like my toast dark anyway.

And the peanut butter and honey masked that slightly singed flavor.

Really, it did.

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