Thursday, September 25, 2008

Never Put Off Until Tomorrow...

It's cold wet and dreary as I get up this morning, been lots of rain over night. The dogs look at me as if I've lost my mind when I try to convince them to go out into the tarp covered small pen. Not happenin' Mom. I am too stiff and sore to fight. There's a cappuccino with my name on it in the kitchen and Mason informs me there's a sofa waiting for him in the living room. I open the door, then stand back and release them into the rest of the house. How can such small dogs make so much noise when the gallop by?

The news is the same, no matter which channel or country you look at: elections and financial melt downs. Doom and gloom. Get a grip guys, the economy always tanks around elections, no matter what country you live in. It will come back in a few months. Someone quick, slap that American who took Bernanke's place upside the head for me. He is fear-mongering.

Enough. Time to go and look out at the garden boat and regain my perspective. Hmmmm, maybe not, it looks wet, cold and dreary too. The dogs have come out with me, but refuse to leave the shelter of the deck for the garden yard. Well, it is pouring rain right now. What happened to Fall? It lasted all of two days and then we went right to Winter.

Back indoors, the dogs snuggle up on the sofa and I check e-mail. There are photo's of my beautiful Granddaughter in her dance costume. She just had her first dance class the other day. I think she looks like a Prima Ballerina in the making. Was I ever that self confident at 3? I don't think so. She has been patiently waiting to start her dance lessons, but was initially unhappy to learn that she is too young yet to learn to tap. That is her ultimate goal. Her dance recital will be next June, and I have promised to be there, no matter what.

Richard decides that today is the day to clean the outside chimney so we can finally light a fire in the stove. I hate the thought of building a fire in the woodstove so early in the fall, but it gets cold at nights now and we will have to. He will have to clean the inside chimney as well but soon we will have a toasty warm kitchen and living room.

He gets a call form his former employer asking him to work 4 hours at the hospital in his capacity as a Security Guard, from 8pm to Midnight. He agrees, but isn't enthusiastic about it. I don't blame him, the hours, when he worked there, were brutal.

After he is finished, and the rain has let up for a bit, I go back outside but only convince a couple of the dogs to follow me. There are windfall apples to pick up and doggy mines to deactivate. Want to get everything done before my tv shows premiere tonight. In the garden yard, I come aware of the incessant chatter of birds...the Chestnut-backed Chickadees are in the apple trees and having a good gossip. I laugh at their antics. One flies over to the suet cage, hanging upside down from it, looking bewildered that it is empty. The others flit from branch to branch, hunting bugs and seeds, all the while chattering about what they have been doing, where they have been, whose yard has the best feeding. They brighten my rainy day.

Bente arrives for a short visit, and we warm up with a hot cappuccino. After she leaves I remember I still haven't asked her about posting a description and photo's of the Castle she stayed in. Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

But tonight is Bones first - Kate and I said last season that Zack wasn't capable of killing anyone, and we are proved right. Criminal Minds is an absolute nail biter. The online rumors were rampant all summer that Derek would be the one "blown up" and end up in hospital and the consensus was that would NOT be a good thing for the fans. I concur. Gina and I again critique the show during commercials and are extremely thankful that Derek, while badly shaken up, does not get injured thanks in part to Garcia. GREAT SHOW! Kate texts me that Hotchner REALLY needs to lighten up. I agree.

Gina is tired and says goodnight, telling me she wont be calling again during CSI: NY. But during the first set of commercials the phone rings and the first words out of her mouth are "I suck at this game!" I snicker and tell her she's right. Of course we end up talking all during the commercials throughout the show, which was really great, I might add. Both Gina and I loved the final line spoken by Mac Taylor: "You are under arrest for murder, kidnapping, robbery, and mostly because you pissed me off." What more can you say.

As I am getting ready for bed at 11:30, going to run water in the bathroom sink for a wash, my eyes go slitty as I discover there is in fact...NO WATER! @#$%^&* Yup, I says a swear. Actually more than one. The well has finally gone completely dry. Aaaarrrggh! I leave Richard a note. We had talked last week about filling up all the water jugs we have and getting them ready for just such an eventuallity, but never did it. I leave a note for Richard. When he comes home, he says a swear or two as well. Then fills a pail from the tank in the garden yard and makes sure all the toilets are filled.

In the morning he will empty and clean up the tank I have been using for watering my plants - don't need that in the rain. Then move it over by the well, fill it with water from the hydrant over at the barn on the other side of the farm, and connect it to the pump so we will still have running water.

Oh, and, um, fill the plastic jugs with water and move them up to the house.

Like we talked about last week.

Better late than never I guess.


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