Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If You Don't Vote, You Can't Bitch

The sun is shining when I wake up, what an auspicious start to the day. It is the Canadian Election Day and we have plans to go and vote, then do a bit of shopping for a few things we need, then home so I can bake and Richard go to work. We need to be home by 2pm at the latest. Hmmph. You know what happens when I make plans...

...as I sit down to enjoy my morning cappuccino, I notice there are messages on the phone. The first one is from Kate's son - my nephew - Eric in Edmonton. He has a concern about Sophie, their tiny Bichon girl. Sophie is one of my puppies from Molly and Mason's first litter. I knew right away what the problem was, just from what he said in the message so immediately phoned them back to allay their fears. Sophie has developed luxating patella, a condition that is sort of like popping your kneecap out of joint. Initially it's painful but within three to four days it eases and they soon can walk normally again.

Next message was a call from a technician at the hospital about our landlord Ron. Richard had to rush him to emergency about 11 days ago, and we were very relieved when they hospitalized him. The technician's message said she was trying to reach Ron as she understood he had been released. Well, as Richard is Ron's only contact person, we hadn't been informed they were releasing him. That led to a flurry of phone calls to discover that yes, he had been released and yes, Richard needed to go to the hospital and get him and take him home. And there went the day.

I decided to go shopping by myself, and after leaving the Dollar Store - where I found lots of great and wondrous things - I met up with Richard again. He had to get some food supplies for Ron so off to Walmart we went. Ron only drinks one brand of tea, and one type within that brand and of course it is only sold waaaaaaaaaaaay across town in the furthest store from us. We decided to go and vote, my motto has always been - "if you don't vote, you can't bitch about the government" - then Richard could take Ron's other groceries to him while I went and got the tea.

And of course, the van decided that today was the day it would act up and stall 9 times between here and Quality Foods. AAAARRRGGH! I got his tea, and a few things I really needed and came home. Shopping can wait until another day!

Back home, and time to take the dogs outdoors in the sun. We wander around as usual, I noting that the Scarlet Runner Beans on the shed have frozen, as had the few remaining tomatoes in the mini pea patch. Time to pull and toss. Over by the boat, it's warm in the sunshine and the dogs are frisky, chasing about. I decide to search for and deactivate doggy mines, which takes a while. They all seem to have their favorite spots to plant them all over the yard and it varies from day to day so it can be dangerous work.

I find several windfall apples and toss them for the deer, watch a flock of Canada Geese practise their take-offs and landings and listen to birds gossiping in the trees above us. Only Mason, my guard Bichon, stays out in the yard with me. The girls have all wandered back to the deck by the door. Time to go back in.

Richard leaves and I decide a sandwich is in order. Last night, I made two loaves of Brioche and 6 small loaves of Panettone. The Brioche is delightful, the Panettone should taste more of Anise, but I couldn't find my jar. I substituted fresh ground Star Anise instead, but didn't get enough ground. I did look for some at Quality Foods today for next time, but I refuse to pay $4.99 for it. Time to go to Alberni Health Market.

Grazing the kitchen, I spy the ripe tomatoes on the counter and settle on a 3 tomato sandwich. Why 3 tomatoes?
I would have had a 5 tomato sandwich but I can't fit anymore than 3 on the bread. I choose slices of Black Prince, Yellow Mortgage Lifter and Pink Brandywine. The first two are amazingly delicious. The third, not so much, but that is because it wasn't vine ripened I think. I have a bowl of ripe tomatoes of various types and think maybe it's time for a quick salsa recipe.

I watch the news while I eat my sandwich. Everyone is talking about the election. My opinion is, if you don't vote, you can't bitch about who gets elected. I get to bitch for another 4 years - unless they call ANOTHER election next year. Think that we should have a rule that elections can ONLY be every 4 years - not 3 times in 4 years - and that a different party has to be elected, no party can run two terms in a row. Maybe that would fix what ails this country. Ok, I'll step down from my soapbox now.

Time to make something sweet, and my choice is the 1 Dish Cinnamon Swirl Bread. This time I am going to use dried Cranberries and less sugar in the streusel topping. Soon I have it baking in the oven and the house is redolent with cinnamon and yeast.

While it bakes, I take the dogs outside for one last tour before dark. They race to the end of the yard hooting and hollering, and a herd of deer bounces away towards the creek. I hadn't realized they were here eating apples. Oooops. The girls check out the grass, the leaves the flowers that remain while Mason stands guard, watching for deer monsters to return. I toss a few more windfall apples, pull up the remaining jalapeno pepper plants and the lone eggplant and throw them over the fence. Time to go check the Cinnamon Swirl bread.

And it's just what the doctor ordered, a sugar rush after a very hectic day. Less sugar, the addition of dried Cranberries to the streusel, makes it just right.

Darn, now I need something salty to counteract all that sugar. I know, I have those Cheezies I asked Richard to bring me home last night. That will fix it.

But then I will need something sweet again, to counteract the salt...

...sigh, dontcha hate that?

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