Friday, January 16, 2009

Angels on Wingback

I can finally see that the snow is melting...very slowly. There are larger bare patches appearing under the trees, the driveway is bare, although muddy, and here and there around the yard you can see green grass. It still will be month end before it is all gone though. And no, the Wetter Network still hasn't got our day time temperatures right yet, sigh. For instance, today was supposed to be +7 and sunny. Yeah, right. Try cold, foggy and +1. As long as we have the snow, we won't be having the warm weather they keep forecasting. Oh, well. It's REALLY nasty elsewhere in the country, so I will settle for this foggy cold.

My motivation is still missing and no one has seen it yet. I still think it is on a sunny warm beach somewhere, drinking Mojitos and getting a great tan. I sure wish it would come home. Sometimes I think I see it, but it does not last long. I am still posting photo`s of warm weather, not snow and cold, just to remind myself the sun is out there somewhere and will return soon. Really it will.

The American Presidential Inauguration is next week, and I will be watching it. Will be a lovely spectacle, worth watching for it`s uniqueness. Well, after all, I am half American, on my father's side, coming from nearly 375 years of American Heritage.

If you notice the funny apostrophe's on this page, it is because suddenly my keyboard is using French Characters, really, really p*ssing me off, and I am not sure how to get my English Characters back. How annoying. When I tried to type one-half as a fraction, it came out like this: 1é2. I make a scrunchy face. Time to wrap this up and fix the keyboard. Update: fixed the problem. Don't know how for sure. Just shut down Flock Browser and restarted it and it was fixed.

I don't think there is anyone in the world right now who hasn't heard about the miracle that happened in New York yesterday. Really, I don't. So there is no need to recap the story that every news feed on TV, in print and on the net has been talking about non-stop. A miracle happened. It really did, and whether or not you believe in a God, or whether or not you believe in Angels, you have to believe that something - or someone - was at work yesterday helping that marvelous pilot put that plane down in the water as if it was an everyday routine. Yes, he is a former USAF fighter pilot. Yes, according to NBC Nightly News, the only thing he hasn't flown is the Space Shuttle. Yes, he has flown gliders and that more than likely assisted him with his water landing. But still...

...I flash on a host of Angels, wings unfurled and straining to keep the plane level and on a straight trajectory for the surface of the Hudson River. And I flash on Angels in the cockpit, one of them leaning over the Captain's chair, whispering in his ear, coaching him in his responses to the plane and helping him focus on the job at hand. I flash on another whispering to the 1st Officer and still others, whispering to the rest of the Flight Crew, keeping them calm and they in turn helping to keep the passengers calm.

And after the river landing, an Angel whispering to the Crew member to go to the front of the plane and open the door there, not to the door at the back of the plane which would have flooded the cabin with water.

One thing is crystal clear. Soon, in a revised copy of the Dictionary, if you look up the word
"Hero" you will see the following words:
See also:
Captain Chesley B. 'Sully' Sullenberger III.

'nough said.


Martha said...

Oh, I feel your winter pain. Your snow is melting already in mid-January? Is that usual?

Hubby and I went to Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas this weekend - it's a 4-hour drive straight south for us.

After weeks of freezing, dank, weather at home, we had a weekend of 70 degrees, sun and gentle breeze. We walked through the Ft. Worth botanical and Japanese gardens. Ahhh.

Get some sun and warmer temps. Your motivation will re-ignite!

Linda VanDewark Stoodley said...

Martha, thanks for the comment. We usually don't even get much snow here in winter, maybe a week or so, we all bitch and moan, and then it goes away. Rain is what is normal in winter here. This extended snow & cold weather is terrible for us, and we like the world to know about it, grin.

Oh, I envy you your weekend in Dallas/Forth Worth. My sister just came back from a week in San Diego sunshine.

Thanks, I needed to hear there is sunshine and warmth elsewhere. Take care.