Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day to Remember

Another sunny day today, but cold, as usual right now. Wetter Network is calling for +7. Riiiiggghht. Not gonna happen. Currently it is -2. Too much snow yet to warm up that high.

Last night I got a chance to use my webcam and talk to Hammond, Megan and Rylan in Sooke. That was just wonderful! What fun. Rylan is already webcam savvy and I got a big kick out of her. If she goes off camera for some reason, she says "One moment" then disappears. What a polite child she is. She sang me a song - her own creation - and showed me some of her dance moves she has learned in the dance class she attends. She told me about her day, asked where her Grandpa Richard was, and made a card with stickers on it. I really look forward to further sessions, and to seeing Gina on the webcam when she is at her father's house in Edmonton. That will be such a treat when I am recovering from my surgery.

Yes, I got a call last week and my surgery date is set for February 6th. I am not holding my breath, don't want to be disappointed again if there is another postponement. Tomorrow is doctor appointment day for my pre-op checkup. Then next week is an appointment with the pre-admission nurse up at St. Joseph's Hospital in Comox. I am keeping positive, and very much looking forward to being able to walk normally again, instead of weeble-ing all over the place. My surgeon has been in Afghanistan working for several months. Perhaps he has developed some new procedure; one can only hope. It's not a pleasant operation, but you are so drugged up you don't care. Oh, and did I mention that you are awake - as awake as a drugged person can be - during the Total Knee Replacement Surgery? Believe me, I would far rather be awake during this surgery than under a general anesthetic.

I took the dogs outside onto the crusty snow in the garden yard again today. Molly started bugging about 11:30 to go out. They love the sunshine and can't wait to get through the door tippy-toeing all over, but don't complain when I call them back in. These dogs love to eat green grass, looking like a flock of sheep grazing a field in the summer. They don't eat it because they have a tummy ache, they just like the taste of it, especially first thing in spring.

You have no idea how pitiful it is to watch them trying to find grass that isn't frozen to eat right now. There is one spot way over in the corner between the house and the shed that the sun hits and warms. There they found a tiny patch of thawed out grass to munch, jostling for position to find the best blades.

A flock of Robins joined us, landing in the Birch tree in the garden yard. They looked as cold as I felt. What can you feed them in the winter when it is that cold? They eat worms, and while I don't mind hanging up seed filled suet blocks for the other birds, I draw the line and purchasing live worms from the fishing store to supply the Robins. Sorry guys.

The best part of today was watching the Inauguration of President Barack Obama of the United States. That was truly an amazing event. Not only is he going to be good for the US, but I believe he will be good for Canada and the rest of the world as well. Good on ya, Mr. President! But boy, don't you think they were cold standing there in the frigid weather for so long?

This afternoon I made Cranberry Scones again. My ambition re-appeared for a short while, but my motivation is still AWOL. The Scones were yummy. I put some fresh grated orange zest in them and it really gave them zip. I think Scones are one of my favorite things to make and eat. They are quick and easy and nearly always turn out just perfect.

I long for the day when I am recovered from my surgery, the days are longer and much, much warmer, and I can pull my Outdoor Gas Oven back out into the yard to start cooking and baking again. Right now it sits on the deck looking cold and forlorn. I can identify.

If I hadn't got sick last November, my surgery would be 2 months behind me, as well as my Physio Therapy. I would be still walking with a cane, but well on my way to total recovery. Oh well, soon. Soon.

I really look forward to gardening this year.

And driving down to Sooke to see Hammond, Megan and Rylan.

And Kate in Sidney.

And walking normally again.

Yeah. Soon.

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