Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fruit Makes Me Nuts

Today is Bente's Birthday. Happy Birthday Bente!

My day starts out cloudy again but by the time I have my morning cappuccino and wander outside, the sun is breaking through. No sign of the Mole People, although there is a Scarlet Runner Bean seed on the soil surface. I poke it back under.

Wander over to the garden boat. It is doing wonderfully well. I check all the tomato plants. Still no tomatoes yet on the
Pink Brandywine & Yellow Brandywine but I have great hopes; the Black Prince has some. All the rest - Yellow Mortgage Lifter, Striped Cavern, Bull's Heart, Brown Berry and of course the Tumbling Tom - are setting fruit. The remaining few Alaska peas have more blossoms, and I notice that the ones the cute little Island Buck Mule Deer had pruned back to 1/3 their length are producing new leaves. Maybe there is hope for them yet. My day brightens and so does the sun.

I make plans to do some planting in black florist pots and go to the library to pick up some books. Maybe use my Outdoor Gas Convection Oven and bake something. I have used it to bake bread a few times with great success. The loaves turned out even better than when I bake in my electric oven in the house. My day suddenly has purpose. I am off.

It's 3pm and and I have baked, in the electric oven, a pan of brownies with mini peanut butter cups in them. They smell delish.

I am back out in the garden yard again, fighting the Mole People, when I hear them...the Muttering Murder of Crows. They're back in their favorite pear tree on the south side of the yard, chuckling and muttering like a gang of kids. I ignore them, and continue on with what I am doing.

Soon I hear them being raucous, but they have moved from their perch. Ah heck, the Cherry trees. Cherries are like candy to this gang of thieves and my van is parked in the driveway directly under the Montmorency Cherry were they are sitting. That means cherry poop splatted all over the top and hood of my van. You'd think I'd learn after all these years not to park there. Sigh. Well at least they eat the cherries high up in the tree and leave the lower ones to us.

The Muttering Murder of Crows moves from the Montmorency into the Royal Ann Cherry tree - sweet, juicy yellow Royal Ann, my favorite. I shout at them and clap my hands together to try and scare them away. They laugh uproariously at me and don't budge, one of them choking on a cherry pit. That will teach him to mock me! Must get Richard to pick a pail of Royal Anns before they are all gone.

Now I notice that the Chestnut tree across the drive has been chewed on by that cute little Island Mule Deer. I was hoping for chestnuts this year. I am beginning to feel pressured. 4 kinds of cherries to pick; Saskatoons too. Soon there will be plums, then blackberries, pears, more plums, more pears, apples, quince...maybe it won't be such a bumper crop this year.
Then there will be the tomatoes and hopefully some peas, zucchini, cucumbers, more tomatoes.

My mind spins: maybe I can take my time and get the fruit and vegetables in the freezer. Maybe my vegetables will ripen slowly. Maybe I will still get some peas from the pea patch.
Maybe the Muttering Murder of Crows is in league with the Mole People. Maybe my garden trowel will turn up again.

What are the Mole People doing with my garden trowel and those rocks anyway?

Maybe I really don't want to know.

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