Sunday, July 27, 2008

Web of Evil

It rained last night. Not much, a few millimeters is all, just enough to send the barometer bouncing and make it a 3 painkiller day. It's cloudy this morning and Richard offers to help me unwrap the garden boat. We wander out about 10am. Only two of the dogs wandered with us, the rest sat under cover on the deck. Bichon's may come from a water-dog ancestry but these guys hate the rain and hate rain-wet grass even more.

There were several Black Slugs in the yard near the boat and I wondered, to myself,
"can slugs climb up the boat?" Hmmmmmm. My mind conjures up pictures of a Black Slug army, squiggling their way across the grass to my boat, tossing tiny ropes with grappling hooks up and over the bulwarks, shouting orders and directions to one another, facilitating their access to my garden. I shudder...gotta cut down on the cappuccino!

Glancing around the yard, my eyes pass over, then return to, the Gravenstein apple tree.
There, half way up in the branches, tent caterpillars, voracious and nasty creatures. I point them out to Richard and he investigates the rest of the trees but finds no other infestations.

Richard gets the ladder, the long handled loppers and a tarp to catch the tents and caterpillars when they drop. I stand back and make icky faces as he removes them. Loathsome creatures. Now I feel all creepy crawly and keep brushing at my hair and shoulders.
Deer, mole people, slugs, tent caterpillars, gosh what next...ooooooh, no, I DID NOT just say that!!

Time to check the two peas in the pea patch. Thankfully they are still there. The Scarlet Runner Beans are growing quickly, but I do see that the Mole People have been back. There is dirt kicked onto the bean leaves, the Mole People way of kicking sand in my face I guess. And that hole of theirs just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Time to get tough. Will get a piece or two of firewood from Richard and cover the hole. TAKE THAT Mole People. Hmph!

Moseying around the perimeter of the fence I notice another 7 Disco CD's on the ground, inside and out. I do the scrunchy face thing. I am seriously beginning to wonder if my thoughts about that cute little Island Buck Mule deer ripping them off with his antlers isn't correct after all. Time to get out the baler twine and tie them all off. You know...make it more difficult for the cute little Island Mule Deer and the cute little Island Black Bear to rip off my Disco CD's.

"Kate says I should be careful what I write on my Blog" I tell Richard. "She says that the cute little Island Black Bear is probably sitting in the big old pear tree at night with his wireless laptop, using my network connection to access the internet. She says he's probably reading my postings to see what my plans are for him so he can circumvent them."

He rolls his eyes. "Uh huh" he says, shaking his head as he walks away.

"Whaaaat?" I say.

"You two have too much time on your hands" he says, "waaaay too much time."

I frown. Still...I look towards the pear tree. Clear sight line to my wireless internet router. Better tighten up that firewall security. Juuust in case.

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