Monday, August 25, 2008

Hey Hey Baby, hu ha...

My granddaughter was here on the weekend. Yes, I AM using the royal "MY" here; yes, I know she is Richard's granddaughter too, but for this post, she is MY granddaughter. Cousin Tim was getting married - that's cousin Jim Paterson and his wife Sadie's youngest son - and don't try to keep track of all the relatives in this family of mine, you won't be able to do it. There are hundreds of us. Really.

Anyway, Rylan along with her parents, Hammond and Megan drove up Saturday for the wedding - Hammond and Tim being first cousins. My sister Kate and husband Jon drove up for it too. The day was cloudy, but not rainy or cold, so we all took a chance and left umbrellas and coats at home. The nuptials were being held outdoors in the garden at the Rollin Art Center, here in Port. The wedding was beautiful and so was the bride, Sherry. Rylan, even at 3 years of age, is one of those children who is just naturally well-behaved, and really enjoyed the proceedings. Afterward we wandered the gardens and took some Rylan-directed photo's in it's lovely setting.

I had ridden to the wedding with Hammond and Megan - Richard was at work and would join us later at the reception. Kate was going to ride with us to the reception while Jon went to the hotel to pickup their gift. Rylan is a singer. She's a dancer too, but in their micro mini van, she is a singer.

"Put on Hu Ha, please Daddy, and then Wild Mike" she asked. The first song blasted out of the car stereo, a rocking, rollicking, updated version - this one by DJ OTZI, of an old tune from 1962. Rylan sings and bops along to the music, really getting into it. After 3 or 4 reprises, she asks for another group, the name of which sounded like the Beach Boys. "You like the Beach Boys?" asks Auntie Kate. "No, Auntie," came the disgusted reply. "I said the BEASTIE BOYS". I snickered at Kate. "Well," she said,grinning, "pardon me."

The reception was fun, the food delicious and plentiful and the desserts...oh my gosh, the best Trifle I have ever eaten! Several of our Alberta cousins had come out to the Island for the wedding and we chatted and caught up on each other lives, as well as taking some photo's. The dance began and Rylan cajoled her mother into dancing with her; and dancing with her; and still more dancing.

Back at the table for a break and some juice to drink, she was busy trying to con her father out of his gingerale, when he said in an exasperated voice "Where do you see sucker written on my forehead?" Without missing a beat, she tapped him in the middle of his forehead and said "Right there!" We all laughed at her quick wit.

Time to go home. On the way there, we listened several more times to "Hey Hey Baby, Hu Ha". That child knows the song word for word. We thought she would be tuckered out but at 10pm she was still going strong. I was down for the count. So were her parents.

Next morning we all went out for brunch with Jon and Kate. Of course we were serenaded with "Hey Hey Baby, Hu Ha" all the way there. Rylan has a very healthy appetite, enjoying waffles, pancakes, bacon and sausage.

My birthday is the beginning of September so Kate and Jon had made a stop at Cowichan Bay at a shop called True Grain Bread and Mill and bought me 2kg of Kamut Flour, and 2kg of BC grown Spelt flour as a gift. I am thrilled with it and quickly start imagining what I can bake with it. Hammond, Megan and Rylan gave me a Fajita making kit for the Outdoor Gas Convection Oven as well as a flashlight-handled hamburger flipper and fork! Too cool. Now if it will just stop raining long enough for me to use them this week.

Too soon it is time to say goodbye for this visit and they all return to the South end of the Island. Gosh but it is quiet in our house. I turn to tidying up the living room and kitchen. Rylan loves tomatoes, and I had taken her to the garden boat to pick the Tumbling Tom's that were ripe to take home with her. Every time I pick one now I will think of her popping one between her teeth and grinning at me.

I read my book for a while, catch up with the news on television and work on my blog about the wedding, humming all the while. Suddenly I realize what tune it is I am singing, and I begin to laugh...

...Hey Hey Baby, Hu Ha

Will I EVER get that out of my head?

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