Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You Don't Look a Year Over 24!

is it mohnin' yet?
hey mom, mom, is it mohnin' now?
shhhhh, don' wake her
mom, mom, mom
happy an'bersry mom
whatsa an'bersry?

I wake to the sounds of muttering dogs today. Guess they need to go outside, so up we get. Stumble through my morning routine, finally have both eyes open, but not necessarily focused - normal for me. Yawn my way out to the garden yard to see that Richard is raking up June, July & August drop apples. How can he be so cheerful and do labor like this so early in the morning? The dogs cast about looking for signs of Mole People, but they are all underground. Going to be a hot one today.

Richard wishes me Happy Anniversary. Both eyes now focus and I reply in kind. It is our 25th anniversary today. 25 years ago we were married in a small town church on one of the hottest days of the year and it is supposed to be just as hot here today. He mentions that we should get ourselves a plant in honor of the special occasion and I quickly agree.

Off to the nursery we go. Richard is not much of a plant specialist, doesn't know a lot of the nomenclature but knows what he likes. And me, I love them all. As we walk in there are several gorgeous
Bougainvillea by the entryway, their papery blossoms rich with jewel-like colors. Richard is quite taken with them and they are on sale. Bonus!

Colyn's Nursery isn't busy so we can take our time meandering around before making up our minds. We look at hanging baskets filled with Firecracker Trailing Begonias, pots of Purple Celosia, complete with a honey bee, a beautiful golden yellow Hibiscus, then wander into the greenhouse. I notice a deep wine colored Martha Washington Geranium I have been looking for. I have the white and the pink one so this one will be a great contrast to those two. Richard admires several other multi-plant pots, one with a vibrant orange Begonia and some purple-foliaged, scarlet flowered fucshia's. We decide on a variegated-leaf Bougainvillea with bright pink flowers.

In the van, I text message Bente and then Kate that Richard has bought me a Bougainvillea at the Nursery. Kate's message comes back saying "O, cool!"

"What Nursery?" quickly comes the reply from Bente.
"Colyn's", I text back, "but we are off to Naesgaard's now".
"When will you be home?" she asks, and I text that we'll be back in a half hour. "I'll be waiting for you at your house," she responds. Hmmmmmm.

We look around Naesgaards, I find a 6-pak of white Zinnias as well as two 6-paks of deep orange and one of a pretty dusty pink on clearance which I purchase. I love Zinnias and I can already picture them in a pot in the yard. Then off we go home.

True to her word, Bente is patiently waiting for us, with hugs and an Anniversary card she has made. Then she opens her van door and laughs at our expression. There sit two more gorgeous Bougainvillea, one gold flowered and one the color of Apple Blossoms!

After the laughter dies down, she explains: "Kate e-mailed me and asked me to pick one of these up for your anniversary from her and Jon because she knows how much you love them. They were on sale, so I bought two of them. I nearly had a heart attack when you text messaged me that you were at Colyn's. I must have just missed you," she giggles. Laughing some more, we put them on the deck and admire them again, then go in the house for iced tea.

After tea, we wander to the garden boat, talking about how and where to plant our new Bougainvillea. I notice some of my pea pods on the boat are fat and juicy, so pick a handful for Bente. She LOVES peas.

After she leaves I go to the Internet for Bougainvillea info. Interesting stuff:
"Big and rowdy, loud and lovely, this sprawling woody vine is colorful showboater wherever it is grown. It was named for Louis Antoine de Bougainville, a Frenchman who sailed around the world in 1767." says WOW! They can grow up to 40 feet. Time to go admire them some more and take photo's.

Mom and Dad call from Leduc with Anniversary Greetings and we reminisce about our wedding day 25 years ago. Mom says "wait til you have been married 61 years like Dad and me". I can't imagine it. Our daughter Gina phoned last night from Edmonton with her best wishes and we had a great visit. I had talked to my - yes I am using the royal MY here - brother Kelly yesterday to thank him for his gift. MY brother Rick also e-mailed best wishes and Richard's sister Gert sent a lovely card. Then had a quick visit via phone with son Hammond with best wishes from Megan, Rylan and him.

Richard has gone to work, so the dogs and I trek out to photograph the Bougainvillea. My unconcious mind picks up a discordant noise while I am arranging the plants, and then my concious mind says "LISTEN!" I hear the sounds of tree branches breaking down on the creek. UH OH! I listen more...BEAR!!!! I quickly and quietly move across the yard, not alerting the dogs to what is there. I spy him in a plum tree that he is attempting to climb, after the juicy ripening plums in the top. Out comes my camera and I zoom in as best I can on him...maybe there will be some photo's turn out. Then I quickly shoo the dogs in the house, close the gate to the garden yard, lock the house door behind me, and close the window blinds.

Whaaaat? You think bears can't open doors or peek in windows?? Of course they can...can't they? Not taking a chance, given my luck with wild creatures and my garden yard, I keep checking through the blinds to see if he is out there close by. I am NOT a bear fan. Yes, yes, I know, I am the first to email cute little baby bear stories and photo's, but I have a healthy respect bordering on deep fear and paranoia about big ole black bears. Believe me, it is disconcerting to walk out on the deck and have a bear charge the fence at your dog, or walk out to go blackberry picking only to have your dog hip check you out of the way and then go roaring after a bear, chasing it away from the berry patch where you would have been picking.

Give me Mole People. Give me a Slug Army. Give me cute little Island Buck & Doe Mule deer. Give me my Muttering Murder of Crows. Anytime. Just don't, please, give me Lumbering Island Black Bears.

Mason says he could take him with one paw tied behind his back. Ummhmmm, sure my little 10 pound lion-hearted Bichon.

Time to eat dinner.

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