Friday, August 29, 2008

At Your Service

It's sunny for 5 seconds as I stumble out of bed to loose the hounds today. At least, with my one eye half-open, it appears sunny. Nope, now it's clou...nope sunn...nope rain now, sigh. Mother Nature is in one of THOSE moods today I see. My brain swims up through it's fog, and I remember why Mother Nature is moody - Port Alberni Salmon Fest is beginning. It nearly always rains on this particular weekend. The hounds hurtle back in the door, excited to be up and raring to go. God, I envy them their energy!

Richard is getting ready to leave for work, so I sit quietly on the bed, watching the news, sipping my cappuccino and endeavoring to keep up with the commentator. Hmmmmm, Breaking News. US Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain has chosen a woman, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, as his running mate. Well, good on ya Johnny Boy, it's not gonna help you but good on ya anyway; Barack Obama gave stirring speech last night as he became the Democratic choice for US President; still rumblings here of fall Canadian Election, hmmph, idiots, this is a really terrible time of year for an election, we Canadians don't have time for this stupidity; earthquakes of Northern tip of Vancouver Island, but don't panic, not the big one...yet; gas prices rising again because of hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico; time to check what Anna Olson is making today. Ohhhhh, Three Cheese Pasta Bake, a fancy baked mac 'n' cheese, one of my favorite dishes.

Both eyes open and focusing now, so I plan my day. If the sun shines as it is rumored to, I will start planting my 68 flowering plants. We walk out on the deck to look at them again and plot what goes where. Well, I do; the kids rush into the garden yard to check for Mole People and Cute Little Island Bush Bunny sign. Tails wagging, noses to the ground they cast about for anything interesting. I warn them NOT to eat Bunny Nuggets. They ignore me. Bunny Nuggets are a Bichon delicacy...DON'T ASK!

I slowly wend my way to the garden boat and roll up the beach mats. More Tumbling Tom's ripening. Lot's of tomatoes coming on the huge heritage tomato plants, although none appear to be ripening yet. Would love to get even one of each to try. Uh oh, better pick those few peas that are there before they are to tough to eat. Hey will you look at those soup mix beans, wow, they have come back well.

We wander back over towards the house and the plants on the outdoor potting table. I see that, finally, there is both a male and female blossom on the zucchini plant. Taking no chances I hand pollinate the female flower. Maybe we will actually get a zucchini to eat. Well, I can dream can't I?

Back inside I decide to make Sour Cream Biscuits to go with the leftover chili we are having for dinner. This is such an easy recipe to make and one I created myself. It's mid-afternoon, the biscuits are baked and cooled and I just have to try one. Oooooh, yum. Slightly crisp on the outside, moist and tender on the inside, and of course slathered in butter. I text message Kate and tell her what I am eating. She text messages back a one word reply:


I snicker and keep eating. Then it's outside to pot up some of those 68 plants I bought this week. Ok, 79 plants. The 10 mini roses I got for 50 cents each last week plus the
Lupine I bought today when I went to get some bags of potting soil at SharKare, and the 68 I got at Canadian tire for 25 cents each. I know, I know, Just For Today........

Potting goes well and soon I have 5 large black florist pots filled with an assortment of plants. A feeling of accomplishment overtakes me, time for an iced tea.

Richard is home from work, and we wander into the yard, discussing his day. He helps me with the beach mats on the garden boat, then picks up windfall apples while I hunt doggy mines. I am talking to him about my day when I suddenly realize I'm talking to the air; he's wandered off. That man can disappear faster than anyone I know. Then I hear him rustling about in the blackberries and muttering to himself. Shaking my head, I finish picking up the windfalls and herd the dogs inside.

Bedtime. I'm standing by the bed, watching the late night news when, out the corner of my eye, something moves across the blanket,
rapidly, like a net rusher in a tennis match. But I am faster. Wham! Whack! I counter with an overhead smash followed quickly by a chop shot finishing up with a backhand. Hmph. Venus Williams, eat your heart out. This will be the last time that spider runs across my bed. Not bad, and all from a standing start.

20 minutes later and the adrenalin rush is still pumping through my veins. Think I will watch tv for a bit, a rerun of Criminal Minds. I watch it with one eye, the other eye looking for anything that moves, just in case. Got my cross court serve all ready to go and it's match point.

I'm ready.



Kate said...

Ohhh, I LOVE the backhand whack! Have you thought to enter Wimbleton?

"Spider Whacker takes Whimbleton"

Just imagine the headlines!

Linda VanDewark Stoodley said...

Grin, thanks.